Forth Valley is the latest Scottish Health Board to adopt BadgerNet Maternity.  Having opted to go live across community as well as events in the unit, Forth Valley are using a combination of iPads as well as the desktop application.  They have also opted to use the Maternity Notes Portal, which allows women to view their information as well as interact with their SWHMR record in areas such as Plans and Preferences for birth as well as feedback.

Forth Valley are uniquely placed in Scottish geography, sitting between multiple Health Boards.  Many of their pregnancies overlap with care provided during the pregnancy in other boards.  For this reason, Forth Valley are one of the early sites signing up to the single pregnancy record in Scotland.  This allows all participating boards to view and write to the same pregnancy record with detailed governance rules controlling access.

The team at Forth Valley have been an absolute delight to work with and we look forward to our on-going relationship as part of the managed service!