Many congratulations to NHS Borders, who are the latest unit in Scotland to adopt BadgerNet Maternity

The roll out of BadgerNet has started this week in the community, with midwives entering information as part of booking.  By using the Maternity Notes Portal, NHS Borders have uploaded all of their leaflets and information for pregnancy to the online portal view, allowing women to login, view their hand held record, and access information.  Women are also able to record information for the midwife, such as their plans and preferences for birth.

The Borders now join in with all the other boards using BadgerNet Maternity, allowing pregnancy information to be shared across the country.  With more and more Health Boards in Scotland now using the same system, we are looking forward to discussing our single pregnancy record proposal at our Scottish user day on the 6th of September.

The team in NHS Borders have been fantastic to work with and it has been a real pleasure to support their implementation.  We look forward to our on-going relationship!