Many congratulations to Northwest London Clinical Commissioning Groups, clinical service leads, and Clevermed


A UK Major Trauma System reviewed existing paper based neuro-rehabilitation referral systems, finding them to be inefficient in communication and creating outcome delays for patients. There was a lack of standardised data to drive improvement and support commissioning. This is a common problem which has been identified in many specialties.

Working together as a team to resolve this issue, Clevermed has worked closely with commissioning groups and clinical service leads to design an electronic system for making, receiving and monitoring referrals made to specialist bedded neurological rehabilitation services in real time. The system allows both the referrer and all receiving unit to record clinical updates, facilitating communication of patient assessment and referral progress. Standardised data collection allows for comprehensive, comparable reporting for providers and commissioners.  The outcome following the first few years has been ovewhelmingly positive, showing measureable benefits in waiting times and communications between all groups.

This work was presented to the  Pan London Major Trauma System Symposium 2016 as a poster and has won an award for Innovation.  As a joint effort, we are extremely proud of the technical efforts but also the relationships built in working together with excellent colleagues in the clinical and commissioning areas!