Baroness Cumberlege’s latest review of maternity services made several recommendations on IT systems, highlighting good practice.  One of the sites highlighted for their good use of IT systems was South Warwickshire.  South Warwickshire have been live with BadgerNet for over two years.  The comments in the report about linking community and hospital based care in real time using BadgerNet are a reflection of their successful implementation of the system.  Have a look at page 50 and 51 of the review for more details on how this was acheived:

As the report details:

"4.19 To improve quality of care, learning and productivity, the NHS needs to make it much easier for health professionals to collect and share data with each other and with those for whom they care. This means two things.

4.20. Firstly, this means investing in electronic, interoperable maternity records, from which data can be inputted once and can feed the data demands made of the service from Trusts, CCGs and the Maternity and Children’s Data Set (MCDS). At the same time, it means investing in simple interfaces that minimise data entry time and allow health professionals to spend more time with women and their babies, as is happening in South Warwickshire...."

We are delighted that BadgerNet is supporting midwives in their care of women.