What is the BadgerNet Spine?undefined

The BadgerNet Spine is the hosted solution which allows units, Trusts, Health Boards, and Regions to exchange information in real time for the purposes of clinical care, reporting, or commissioning following a secure information governance model.  This spine already exists between customers already using the BadgerNet Platform for recording their patient information. 

Do I have to use the BadgerNet Platform to use the BadgerNet Spine?

No.  The BadgerNet Platform is a service which populates the BadgerNet Spine; however, any system in scope of Clevermed's activities can be used to populate the spine.  So, for example, any maternity system used by a Trust can be used to populate a record on the BadgerNet Spine.  This will then be accessible in real time following controlled information governance rules by any neighbouring Trusts on the spine, forming a single patient care record.  The same applies for all other services supported by Clevermed, including neonatal, paediatric, neurology referrals, etc.

Key benefits of the BadgerNet Spine

Real time data availability  Clevermed allow agreed information to be exchanged between patient data management system providers in real time.  This interface can be two way, allowing for clinical information to be exchanged between Trusts in real time following governance rules.  This is essential, forming a single patient record across a series of Trusts, Helath Boards or Regions.

Data-set definition  As part of managing this service, Clevermed have a data set specification which may be given to any other maternity system supplier wishing to pass or receive data into their maternity system. 

 System Agnostic Model  All data passed into the BadgerNet Spine service within the agreed data set will create a BadgerNet episode.  With this approach, the BadgerNet Spine will be system agnostic.  For example this will allow not only for Trusts to use different maternity systems, but also allowing a single Trust to opt to use specific elements of different maternity systems, all feeding through the BadgerNet Spine. 

Interface to Neonatal  For the perinatal systems, all relevant information passed to the BadgerNet Platform via the BadgerNet Spine service will be available for linking to BadgerNet Neonatal and/or BadgerNet Transport episodes. This will in effect expand the BadgerNet Spine to include all agreed data from early pregnancy, maternity, through to neonatal admissions and neonatal follow-up events.

Governance Model  As part of providing real time data through the BadgerNet Spine Service, Clevermed will provide a  proposed, agree and publish an information governance model detailing how and when information from another Trust can be accessed. 

Pregnancy/ Patient Portal  The BadgerNet Maternity Platform has a pregnancy portal which allows women to access their maternity information in an opt-in model over the internet.   Along with her web browser, the women will be able to use a dedicated free iPhone / Android phone app tht forms a digital replacement to hand-held notes. It also allows the women to contribute information back to the BadgerNet Platform, populating information such as ‘plans and preferences for birth’.  This portal can be made available to all Trusts using the BadgerNet Spine, even if they don't use BadgerNet Maternity, with information from the agreed data set passing into the pregnancy portal as appropriate from all systems used.

Change Management Service  As describe above, users may opt to use a range of services available on the BadgerNet spine.  This may include real time data exchange between Trusts, the pregnancy portal, or any element of the BadgerNet Maternity System in conjunction with their local maternity system.  It is acknowledge that any component may require to be updated in response to innovation, change in regulation or datasets, or customer suggestion.  Clevermed will provide a site where users can suggest changes, engage in dialogue with other users regarding changes, and view up and coming changes relating to any component in use by the Trust.  In addition, Clevermed will update the data exchange specification as required following approved updates to that component of the system for the purposes of informing other maternity system suppliers that would like to obtain or pass information to the BadgerNet Spine.

Reporting Services The BadgerNet Spine Service can provide live online reporting for maternity units and, with permissions, other stake holders network or regional bodies.   

Data Quality Management  In addition to managing the data set and overall reporting, the BadgerNet Spine can provide real time information on data quality and completeness.