BadgerNet is more than just a full Electronic Medical Record - it’s a service.


The BadgerNet Platform is used extensively to create patient records in the areas of maternity, neonatal, neonatal transport, PICU, Neurology Referrals and Adult Intensive Care.  It is delivered as a service rather than a software solution, providing the following benefits:

Single Care Record across regions and networks: As a solution which is nationally hosted, a care record is made available at the point of care, wherever care is delivered.  For example, in the case of maternity, units can agree to write to a single pregnancy record whether a woman attends a clinic in the community, has a hospital visit, or even attends a separate hospital using BadgerNet. 

Should a baby enter neonatal care, this will link with the maternity record, allowing data to move seamlessly between neonatal and maternity. Like maternity, all those involved in the care of the baby have access to neonatal care provided in any unit. 

Likewise, all other configurations of BadgerNet create a single record across a region or network.

Regular updates: The system is regularly updated in response to changes in technology, innovation, customer suggestion, or regulatory requirements. All changes are included as part of the standard BadgerNet service charges.

Hosted infrastructure: BadgerNet can be hosted over secure national networks. This has been set up in multiple countries. Alternately, the solution can be hosted locally. Detailed business continuity plans are developed and tested to ensure that data is secure and can be restored in the event of a crisis.

Fully supported: BadgerNet is supported 24/7.  Specialists are available in the company to help with all clinical, technical, or reporting requests and queries.