BadgerNet PICU has been designed to record all events within a paediatric intensive care or high dependency unit. With the ability to link to BadgerNet Neonatal and Maternity, BadgerNet PICU forms part of the single care record for babies and children.

Like BadgerNet Neonatal, BadgerNet PICU comes with a range of features to allow for contemporaneous recording of all events

  • Ad hoc event forms for all events within the unit

  • Fluids charting and full line management

  • Results interfaces and charting

  • Interfaces to patient monitors with real time trend data recording

  • Nurse charting

  • Bed management

  • Clinical and nurse based handover documentation

Although similar to neonatal, BadgerNet PICU focus on paediatric work flows, requirements, and statutory data collection including PICANet.  For those babies that have come from a neonatal unit, BadgerNet PICU automatically allows a view of all events from any neonatal admissions anywhere in the UK.