BadgerNet Portals

The BadgerNet Portals allow for opt in access to the woman/ patient's record in secure, dedicated applications.  These are used across different services of the BadgerNet Platform, including Neonatal and Maternity.

BadgerNet Neonatal Baby Diary

BadgerNet Baby Diary has been designed to provide parents and family secure, real time access to photos of their baby during their baby’s stay in a neonatal unit. This is an opt-in service provided by Clevermed for parents with babies in a neonatal unit using the BadgerNet Platform. The content of the Baby Diary is generated in real time from content, controlled by staff held within the baby’s neonatal record within BadgerNet.


Staff can create entries with friendly comments for the diary and add photos.  The parent is able to access both the daily entries as well as a gallery of all of the photos entered via a web browser or their mobile phone.  Clevermed have released a dedicated iPhone App for parents to download from the Apple iTunes store for free. An equivalent Android App is also available.


BadgerNet Maternity- Women's Access

BadgerNet Maternity allows women to access their summary maternity data online. As a fully opt-in process, women can choose to see their pregnancy details on a dedicated iPhone app or over a web browser.

In addition, women can contribute to their record, allowing feedback and birth plans to be fed directly back to the unit and kept in the maternity record.